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Help Close Egbert Souse's:

Bar Egbert Souse's on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland negatively impacts Piedmont Avenue residents, visitors and businesses. This site provides the facts and suggest ways YOU can make a difference!

The owners Keun Bae Yoo and Suk Hee Yoo of Bar Egbert Souse have repeatedly denied any responsiblity for the criminal activity and nuisance Egbert Souse's brings to Piedmont Avenue and instead blame Piedmont Avenue residents for having “a lot of quick judgments,” for blaming Egbert Souse's for the "problems of Piedmont Avenue."



Piedmont Avenue Residents have been trying to get the owners, city council members, and the Oakland police to do something for YEARS to only see the owners use intimidation, legal loopholes and say residents of Piedmont Avenue are making quick judgments and picking on them. Egbert Souse's is THE PROBLEM of Piedmont Avenue!


Bar Egbert Souse's has a LONG pattern of irresponsible behavior:


  • Egbert Souses criminal activity is not a recent problem! This has been happening for YEARS and is well documented (Police logs will reflect daily calls regarding Egbert Souses for YEARS!) and the owners (Keun Bae Yoo and Suk Hee Yoo) have attended community meetings where residents concerns have been ignored and laughed at.

  • Egbert Souses security camera's never seem to work when the Oakland Police ask for the videos!

  • Egbert Souses security staff have shown they are not effective and cannot control the Egbert Souse crowds!

  • Egbert Souses owners (Keun Bae Yoo and Suk Hee Yoo) have shown by their LACK of action they DO NOT care about the safety of their customers nor the residents of Piedmont Avenue by ignoring public concern and not discouraging criminal actvities that have continued to increase the level of crime and threat of violence in and around Egbert Souses.

  • Egbert Souses is not a small "family business." The owners (Keun Bae Yoo and Suk Hee Yoo) are well know in the Korean community and own other properties and businesses. It is sad that the owners (Keun Bae Yoo and Suk Hee Yoo) son Edward Yoo has to put himself on TV and say residents are picking on him - when it is his parents business and his parents have repeatedly been told to make changes. Egbert Souses is owned by Keun Bae Yoo and Suk Hee Yoo and listed under their company BERKELEY ESL EXCHANGE INC which is listed as the owner of the California Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) License #472887 for Egbert Souses.


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